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Well we have arrived in Corowa for the 2010 Swim-in. After a late start from Melbourne, the forward detachment of the VMVC has arrived. Many familiar faces are to be found around the caravan park. Leon and Sue arrived on Saturday, just in time for one of the heaviest storms in the year. Over 105 Mils of rain fell in 24 hours, flooding the Caravan park and making the High Ground premium real estate. The airport has been renamed Corowa Lakes.



LR gpw FFR
Landrover LtWt
Virginia GPW (Leon)
Landrover Series III FFR



I managed to get my tent set up, and our CAMP G503 communal tent and kitchen are established. We have gone to a little extra effort this year, it is already paying off. The Rec Tent (an Army 11 x 11 CP tent) has already become the local place to be, not only when it is raining.


A number of Jeeps had already arrived as well as a number of special vehicles from foreign and modern armies. We have had more rain overnight and the caravan is fairly wet underfoot. In dry corners of the park, people are crawling out from under canvas. Today, there is a run planned to the local army base to see what the Army is up to, as well as too a local Army Surplus dealer. I spotted NOS 20l fuel cans (current pattern) and near NOS Army issue field packs with 1966 date stamps. Also, anyone wanting NOS Pattern '37 WW2 Pistol holsters, I have a place!!


MB Kubel Interior of the Kubel
Bevan's MB with Capstan winch
Manfred's Kubel
Inside details of the Kubel


Weather forecast fro the rest of the week is clearing. It looks like it will be a good week!

Gino G503 Studebaker
VMVC Prez addresses Camp G503
Camp G503 Rec Tent
Studebaker arrives


The boys are finally up and about, We had a early morning visitor, Gino. Gino briefed the Camp G503 members on today's events. A number of new arrivals in the Camp today. A very nice NSW Studebaker arrived with a Slate Grill Jeep in tow. The Slattie is one of the first 600 made (Dec 1941?) I'll get some more photos of the dataplates when I spot it again.. .


Interview Interview Jan
Look Mum, I will be on the News!
Local TV reporter
Jan takes a ride


Local TV station, Prime, visited the Caravan Park and interviewed a number of owners. Here, a proud owner of a MB Long Range Patrol Group gives a briefing on his vehicle. Later, Jan, a member of the KVE staff, took a ride for the cameras, all decked put in a period Steel helmet.


Repairs New Arrival staff
Ron finds a penny
New Arrival from Queensland
Showing off his favorite shirt



Ron and Dave M20 Scout
Ron and Dave arrive in Corowa
Scout Car



6x6 Mitch GPA Raaf
MB 6x6
RAAF jeep




jeep anzac carbie
a nice collection
Running Repairs



day day run Day run
rest stop
Day Run




Stuck DUKW
Help! Women and children first



Corowa Moke
200 + vehicles on parade
1938 VW Staff Car





GPAs prepare to enter

DUKW leaving the water

Dave and his GPA



GPA leaves the river

Jeep crossing

Road Trip





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