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01 Apr 20145

ff2015 Apr

Newsletter The April 2015 VMVC newsletter is out on the stands.


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Back to Caulfield Raceday The VMVC were invited to remember those who served in WW1, read about the ceremony held recently







Simpson Barracks visit The winter visit to HMAS Castlemaine is always popular.

Read the article and find out who was there and where the BBQ was hidden??








Vietnam Veterans Day 2014 The VMVC were invited to remember those who served in Vietnam, Read about the ceremony held recently








HMAS Castlemaine Winter Visit The winter visit to HMAS Castlemaine is always popular.

Read the article and find out who was there and where the BBQ was hidden??










ffAronud the World

Anthony I in EnglandTI am still in England and I will be back in mid Sept. I will pay up as soon as I see someone, probably Oct meeting. I have a lot of adventures including an old Mercedes around the Nurburg Ring. (It appears Anthony has met an individual who looks suspiciously like the editor of “Classic Military Vehicles”.)


Best Regards, Anthony I

15 August 2013

ff2013 Gun Show

Well we know that who the real men are in the club now, the day was so inclement that only the hardiest of members would have attended this event. So Alf Brooks donned his jungle greens once again and made the trip down to Ascot Vale, top off the jeep of course.


This year the arms and military fair had been moved because the gamers convention was on, I though this was some sort of casino. There were masses of vehicle every where. But it wasn’t a casino, it was all the electronic game players, some came in fancy dress, which created some confusion if they wandered into the gun show by mistake.(Green lantern meets Green Beret)






01 Aug 2013

ff2013 August

NewsletterThe August 2013 newsletter is out on the stands.


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01 July 2013

ff2013 July

NewsletterThe July 2013 newsletter is out on the stands.


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Nuffield 1943 Airborne jeep Prototype Andrew S has been hard at work on his replica of the 1943 Arborne Jeep designed by Nuffield Enterprises for the British Airborne.









1 Apr 2014 - President News

From the President



It has been another big year for he VMVC and I have enjoyed being part of this club and participating in its activities. We al have many different interests and opinions, but within the club we are united by and interest and passion for ex- Military vehicles.


The committee needs to be congratulated for its efforts over the last twelve months; The Secretary Gordon for his tireless enthusiasm, the AOMC and Vice- President Bevan for representing the club at AOMC meetings as well as support he has provided to members with his encyclopedic knowledge of military vehicles and mechanics. The Treasurer Ray E. has provided entertaining and informative reports to the club throughout the year.


Special thanks to out going Committee member Andrew S. who has supported the club for the last twelve months providing the club with his insights particularly upon vehicle registration and road worthy procedures.


Ben H. has the dual role of membership of the committee and a similar role with KVE (The Corowa organizers), it has been invaluable to have his input in our dealings with KVE. Finally, Michael G. with his no nonsense approach to fault fixing. Collectively they make up a great team, which has worked well together.


Then there are the co-opted members who do all the volunteer work that allows the club to operate, the editorial team of Russell’s S. and H. who keep the magazine rolling forward, Paul Jefferies our Quartermaster, Euan McDonald the Road safety officer, ANZAC Day – Ian A. and Gary C. the catering officer, all these volunteers do the necessary jobs that mean you can enjoy you hobby. Thanks also to all the members of the club who put in and make the VMVC an operational entity that helps each over to achieve our passion for Military Vehicles.


Future directions for the club are being set; we are involving ourselves with young veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan to both support and encourage their involvement in the club. The Avalon air show is being staged next year and we are hoping to have a significant club presence at the event.


All in All, well done chaps, keep up the good work, involve yourself in the club and its activities, you wont regret it!



Rod M.

Join the VMVCAre you interested in Military Vehicles? Why not join the VMVC!! Follow the link below and download the application form. You can email or post a completed form to our Vice-president.




Download a Word verison of the Aplication Form



Download a PDF verison of the Aplication Form


About the Victorian Military Vehicle CorpsThe VMVC is a non-profit club run by enthusiasts of ex-military vehicles. The club is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. New members are welcome. The club will provide friendship, technical help and fun !

Ron G and Bill with a jeep


Meetings are held at the Rats of Tobruk hall, 44 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park on the first Tuesday of the month ( no meeting in January ).


There is street side parking in Victoria Avenue, and you can enjoy a nice meal at one of the cafes prior to the Monthly Meeting, or partake in a pizza, delivered to Tobruk Hall at the end of the formal part of the night.


Club members will often stay at the hall and discuss issues related to the Military Vehicle Hobby, or just catch up with members they have not seen for awhile.


Meetings begin at 8 pm


Dingo, an Aussie Dog In early 1941, the Australian Army was faced with the difficulty of equipping the Armoured Division that was in the process of being raised - while obtaining tanks and armoured cars was difficult enough, such a division also required some 210 scout cars as a part of its normal establishment.


The resulting vehicle, named the Dingo - which bore little resemblance to the similarly named vehicle produced by Daimler for the British Army - used commercially available parts (including a Ford 30-cwt commercial lorry chassis) and an angular, all-welded hull manufactured from locally produced armour plate.



The Dingo scout car, unfortunately, was a flawed vehicle. From the outset, problems were found with the strength of the front axle assembly, driving the vehicle for any length of time was found to be exhausting due to the cramped nature of the driver's position, visibility for the driver was very poor, and the weight of the vehicle (at some 4.7tons when fully equipped) severely restricted off-road performance such that the type was more or less limited to roads or hard surfaces


The Australian Dingo scout car did not see active service abroad with the Australian Army

1 Sept 2013

Vale Mike Edwards





I would like to thank the club members for their expressions of sympathy on the loss of my son Michael, who died in a road accident, while returning from Corowa. Belonging to the club gave great enjoyment to both Graham and Michael, and I know they valued highly the many friendships’ they made over the years. Michael was my first child, a very special and dearly loved son, and I shall miss him every day for the rest of my life.

1 Sept 2012
Vale Bob Moseley from Hindmarsh Island, South Australia, known as ‘Salesman Bob’.

Bob passed away on the 17th of July 2013 after complications following an industrial accident on 26th June. Bob was well known in military vehicle circles. He was a Journalist (with a Diploma in Journalism), an accredited researcher, and WW2 military vehicle restorer especially in the area of instrument panel restorations. He was a stalwart member of MLU forum and always ready to offer advice. . He conversed on matters MT regularly and also enjoyed a good laugh. Always quick to offer assistance if it was within his power to do so.

There are a number of stories about Bob on the MLU forum. One person mentions the following: It was Bob's networking that put me on to my Humber, and it was he and Ada that came to the rescue when the truck failed on the way home: storing it for me and then trucking it 800kms home.


For those who were unable to meet Bob here is a clip from the DVD Keith Webb made back in 2007 - Year of the Cycle and Staff Car at Corowa. It gives a good idea of what a personable fellow Bob was. (Also in this clip is the late, great founder of this forum, Geoff Winnington-Ball on his only visit to Australia talking about Bob...)


Many of the Corowa participants would remember his blitz halftrack project that came to Corowa in 2009. We wish his wife Ada and his family all the strength to pull through this sad and sudden loss. .Bob will be sadly missed by many of us. Jan Thompson

1 August 2013
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Contact the Quartermaster Paul Jeffery Items need to be pre-ordered with Paul, delivered on meeting nights or by post at your expense Tel.0418333847 E- Mail


Club Meetings Are held the first Tuesday of each month, at 8pm.


View 44 Victoria Ave, Albert Park in a larger map



Rats of Tobruk keep on giving


Age has certainly not wearied the generosity of the Rats of Tobruk.


A group of the World War II veterans from Melbourne has donated $1.5-million to the Royal Children's Hospital.

Not many "Rats" are left, but their legacy will live on at the Royal Children's Hospital.


Rats of Tobruk Victorian president, Alan Eldridge presided over Friday's official ceremony to hand over the donation.

"We do hope that it corrects serious head damages to thousands of kids over the years to come," he said.

The Rats raised the money through the sale of their Albert Park hall where they have met for more than 50 years.

Businessman, Bill Gibbons, bought the meeting hall in 2007 when the Rats could no longer afford its upkeep.

But the former soldiers were never asked to move out and they continue to meet there every month.

"We still meet, have a beer after and put the world in order," Mr Eldridge said.


The former soldiers fought in one of Australia's most successful military engagements, holding the Libyan port of Tobruk against the Afrika Corps in World War II.

The hospital's neuroscience unit has been named the "Rats of Tobruk Ward" in honour of the contribution.

One boy who has spent a lot of time there is five-year-old Joel Rees.


He suffered a stroke two years ago, paralysing the left side of his body.


His father, Luke Rees today praised the donation.

"They gave it all for their freedom and that and now they're just continuing it on for the children now so it's just very overwhelming," he said.


The Chairman of the Royal Children's Hospital, Tony Beddison, says the donation will have a lasting impact.

"It's wonderful, it's going to make a difference.

"The $1.5 million will fund a fellowship in the neuroscience department and it will live on and on and on as a wonderful legacy from the Rats of Tobruk," he said.



Victoria's Rats of Tobruk have donated $1.5-million to Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital. (ABC TV News)